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My Date With 7 A.M.

by 123pizza on June 1, 2009

My summer courses started today and already I am wondering why the heck I took classes during the summer. Oh yeah, because it would be easier to keep the 3 yo entertained with the two older kiddos at home. She has someone to play with and I can try to sneak in some studying while […]


Learning To Be Independent

by 123pizza on May 27, 2009

Before I married Hubby I was a fairly independent person. Then somehow along the way I became dependent. Possibly even co-dependent on him. What ever it was it wasn’t healthy. Then Hubby’s job took him away from the home for six months. I had to start becoming independent again. Then Hubby’s job moved us away […]


Golly Gee, Oh Me, Oh My

by 123pizza on April 30, 2009

The title makes no sense but it was better than leaving it blank. Here’s the deal. My asthma and allergies are driving me crazy. This is the worst I have been for quite a few years…I think. (I might have been worse last year or the year before that but I can’t remember so this […]


5 Benefits To Having Your Kids Well

by 123pizza on April 8, 2009

Yesterday I gave you 5 Benefits of Having My Kiddos Sick. Today I give you 5 benefits of having your kids well. They go back to school. After five days of having sick kiddos at home and trying to find the positive in it it’s nice when they are finally able to go back to […]


5 Benefits of Having My Kiddos Sick

by 123pizza on April 7, 2009

Every year at the end of the school year my kiddos will get a fever. The fever is high enough that they can’t go to school and low enough that they are bouncing off the walls. The fever is also just enough to make them a bit whiny and cranky. With all three kiddos sick […]


Breakfast In Bed

by 123pizza on March 18, 2009

Son #2 surprised me with breakfast in bed this morning. It was so sweet. I honestly can not remember the last time I had breakfast in bed. He’s a keeper.



by 123pizza on February 26, 2009

What are dreams? How does one dream? What is the difference between a hope and dream? Are they the same? What happens when your dreams die? Do you dream more or give up? What about hope? Does hope die when your dreams die? Do dreams die or do they reinvent themselves in other ways? Can […]

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by 123pizza on February 12, 2009

This weekend hubby and I are going to a marriage retreat. Oo-la-la! Every year our old church hosts a marriage retreat at a hotel somewhere out of town on the weekend of Valentine’s Day. There’s usually a guest speaker who talks to us about marriage but mostly it’s about having fun. They purposely don’t fill […]

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by 123pizza on February 11, 2009

I feel as though I am living in a blur. I am having a hard time motivating myself to do anything and only do things out of necessity. Maybe I need more sleep. ew”?s2 (that’s my cat saying hi. actually that was my cat jumping on my keyboard. Anyway, I’m in a blah mood. Nothing’s […]



by 123pizza on January 28, 2009

This is our first snow of the season so the kids were glad to be able to use their sleds. Technically, it’s not snow. It’s sleet and has been falling pretty much all the time since Monday afternoon. Therefore, there was no school today and no school tomorrow. As much as I love my children, […]