Golly Gee, Oh Me, Oh My

by 123pizza on April 30, 2009


The title makes no sense but it was better than leaving it blank.

Here’s the deal. My asthma and allergies are driving me crazy. This is the worst I have been for quite a few years…I think. (I might have been worse last year or the year before that but I can’t remember so this year is the worst.)

My eyes are puffy and icky. I’m coughing and coughing and coughing. I finally went to the doctor and got started back on my long-term asthma meds and am now taking meds for allergies. I’m about 70% better but my breathing is still labored and I’m still hacking up a storm at times.

I should be feeling much better soon but until then I don’t know how often I’ll be posting. This allergy/asthma stuff is draining me. I’m hardly on the computer anymore and this evening I had a chance to look at smart phones but my eyes were bothering me so I didn’t. You guys, that’s so not me. I’m on the computer quite often during the day and I am in love with smart phones. For me to not want to do those things I have got to be feeling like crap.

Anyway, as I said, I may not be posting often until I get to feeling better. If you haven’t already subscribed to my blog you can do so by clicking on Subscribe in the upper right hand corner of this page. You can then choose how you want my posts delivered.

As a matter of fact,Simple Mom has an excellent tutorial on subscribing to blogs. She explains it much better than I could ever imagine. Just make sure that after you read her tutorial you come back and subscribe (You know, if you want to. You don’t have to if you don’t want to.)

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