Art Sculpture with the Kids

by 123pizza on July 31, 2008

I’ve mentioned before that I like to do art with my children. Well, actually I don’t do the art I just set out the materials and let them create.

One day I had the brilliant idea to let them make sculptures. We had some clay that if left out would harden. Perfect. I would give each child some clay and let them create their own sculptures. I had planned on placing the sculptures on the fireplace mantel so I could admire them at all times.

I decorate with my kids art pieces. I have pottery that my eldest has made, paintings from all three kiddos, and a painted rock from one of the older two (I used to have two rocks but I have no idea what happened to one of them). Sculpture would be the perfect addition to my decor.

I was excited! I think I was more excited than they were but that’s beside the point. I had the table covered with newspaper and the clay was out. I gave each child some clay and stepped back to watch them create.

And create they tried. And tried. And tried. The clay was too hard for them to work with. We tried breaking the clay into smaller pieces to see if that would help but nope they still couldn’t get the clay to do anything. Oh they could make balls, snakes, and my youngest was able to make crumbs but they couldn’t get the clay to move in a way for them to make something.

What started out as a pleasant time quickly turned to tears and frustration. I reminded the kids that there are other kinds of clay and this doesn’t affect their ability to make fine creations. It was trial and error and this was one of those times that didn’t go as we had expected. It would be okay and we would try again with a different kind of clay. Or we could try again with this clay, it was up to them.

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1 Kim August 4, 2008 at 11:10 am

At least you are a parent that will get stuff out for your kids to be creative with. I know many parents that would rather sit thier kids in front of a TV and just leave them. Not I. Good for you and good for trying with the clay.

Oh, I love that you decorate with their art!

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