Creating Takes Patience

by 123pizza on May 13, 2008

I found a beautiful yarn the other day and decided to knit up a pair of socks. Actually, I was looking for yarn to make socks and I liked the way this yarn looked so I bought it. It’s a soft orange/mint green color blend. I think it’s called…can’t tell you. I threw the label away. Wait! It’s called Matizado Melon (I forgot I had more) by Sinfonia at Hobby Lobby. (Hobby Lobby is the only yarn store I have access to in our small town).

I found this beautiful yarn and took it home and immediately started knitting a pair of socks. Only my heart wasn’t in it. This yarn moved me and I was using it for socks. I can go buy socks at Wal-Mart and would be happier because I don’t really wear socks and if I do they don’t come over my ankles. What was I to do with this yarn?

What I really wanted to make was a summer tank top so I searched through hundreds of tank top patterns until I found the one I wanted. Even after I found this pattern I kept looking and kept thinking about how beautiful this top was and how great it would look made up in my yarn.

I printed out the instructions and comments and read through them several times. You may have noticed how cute this top is. You might also know that I am not that small so I thought I would experiment. I would add 50 stitches to the cast on and would adjust the pattern accordingly to this new number.

About halfway through I figured I had misjudged and the top would be too round. No problem. I’ll keep knitting and see what happens. Quite some time later I had resolved that I would be taking this piece apart and re-knitting it again. I was quite right. The top was huge! It was too short and way too round. Even with the ribbon it was too big.

So now I have taken it apart and will re-knit it use the number of stitches the pattern calls for. The only problem is that even though my gauge works out the way it is supposed to…my yarn is different and doesn’t knit up the way hers does. She doesn’t give rounds per inch so I am having to guess. Oh well, I am learning as I go and it gives me something to do besides pack.

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1 Best Friend May 14, 2008 at 7:18 am

Hey…joke from my youngest. Ready? OK…
Why are there bones on the moon? Because the cow didn’t make it!! Good morning. I love the yarn, btw.

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